It’s not the love for paint, or the urge to be different. It’s the need to make loose ends in my mind and my everyday life come together. Its like a cleaning job of silly thoughts, which is rearranged in my head in order to help me be one step ahead of the mundane life I am knee deep in.


My practice is more concerned about simplifying or decoding the mess, which males and females like to create for one another. So I have decided to base my practice around three words which is humour, cruelness and sexual tension. I have chosen those words because they all relate to human basic instincts. My intention of creating work is similar to the feeling of a child running after a ball, who accidentally steps on it and falls to the ground, bursting into tears. And one minute after does the same again; the pure beauty of not giving up. I have kept that childish attitude and replaced the ball with girls - especially their colorful fleshy “hills” and strangely behaved minds. So through my practice I am still trying to work out the unanswerable female code. Hopefully my work has become the lead singer for all the revengeful males, where their key has broken in the door way too many times. Reinforcing the hope of my tragic heroes, who repeat the same mistakes, my work allows for a silent nod of recognition.

“When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging” I kept digging. What did I find? I find hope and art is about creating hope in a hopeless situation.



- BA with Honours Painting,
Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh (2008-2012)

- Two-Dimensional Expression,
Einar Granum Kunstfagskole, Oslo (2003-2004)


Born 1986
Based in Oslo